Tarot Reading for 2021: What will the year bring?

Every year, I begin with a yearly tarot reading. Each month is represented by a corresponding card with the 13th card representing the overarching theme of the year. These readings allow for individuals to evaluate the upcoming events of the year, prepare for any warnings, and grasp a deeper understanding of their connection to the universe, as well as to understand what the universe plans to bring them for the year. So, I decided to share my tarot reading with all of you, as well as my interpretation of it.

January – Nine of Cups

Key Words: Bliss, Harmony

The Nine of Cups brings health, happiness and high potential for material gains. By casting away the worries and fears one has, wishes will begin to come true. The key for when this card shows up is to enjoy it while it lasts. For January, this card brings hope of new beginnings, increased health and more worth to come. When this card appears allow yourself to be filled with love and appreciation in all aspects of life.

February – Eight of Pentacles

Key Words: Craftsmanship, Skill

When this card appears it is time to work hard – to hone your craft (whatever that may be). This card also represents a good time to find a new hobby or craft as well. Either way, you are developing a skill/craft to the point of mastery, working hard and diligently. For February, this card is all about applying yourself to your skills – and since this month will be close to the middle of my graduate semester, I will most likely be pushed to hone my skills and develop my educational path. This is an exciting card to see for the student or diligent worker.

March – Ace of Swords

Key Words: Truth, Mental Clarity

The Ace of Swords brings a heavy power of foresight, with your mind reaching clarity and your cognitive thoughts becoming more precise. When this card appears, decisions you have been putting off or ignoring should be answered, as this is the time in which you will have the most foresight of options/paths. For March, recognize this card as a sign of encouragement and expansion of your mind. New ideas will be developing and there will be excitement to start new opportunities.

April – Seven of Wands

Key Words: Courage, Inner Strength

When this card appears, expect to be filled with fear and caution. But, you can only count on yourself now. It is a great time to take a courageous step, and stand up for your beliefs. This card recognizes how hard you have worked to get to this point, and others may be jealous of where you are at. It is time to push forward, grapple with the pressure that may be and be ready for any backlash. Prepare yourself and keep steady during this month.

May – Mother of Swords

Key Words: Sharp, Perceptive

During this time, criticism may soar but it will not come from others. Instead, you will become critical of yourself and your ability. On the other hand, you will have increased ability to engage in your intellect and to use unbiased judgement. During this month you will be leading from your head instead of the heart, but know it will be taking you to places of truth seeking. Although you may appear less empathetic and understanding of others at this time, it is necessary for you to be asking who, what, when, where and why.

June – Father of Cups

Key Words: Diplomatic, Open-Minded

Although the Father of Cups represents a deep support for ones friends and family, there is a possibility that insecurities are holding you back in unpredictable ways. By drawing on your emotional intelligence, there is still potential to clear your path of any drama or harm. Coming from the previous month with the Mother of Swords guiding you by your head, in June there will be a balance between the head and the heart. Just make sure that those insecurities are properly acknowledged ahead of time.

July – Son of Wands

Key Words: Charming, Adventurous

After receiving insight from previous months, the Son of Wands tells you it is time to act on intuition. With fueling self-confidence, your energy will be alive and radiating. Beware to not get too cocky, when working with intuition there rarely is a back up plan and you may be lacking enjoyment in the present. During this month, head towards things that excite your intuition but be careful of any implications that may not have been expected.

August – Seven of Swords

Key Words: Secrecy, Self-Interest

There is a secret, whether you hold one or it is being held from you, it is the time to find out. During this time there are two options: Face it or Run. Being aware of ones surroundings during this time is vital, especially after the previous month of intuition decisions. At best the card warns you to be clever, at worst it warns you of deception – bringing attention to internal aspects of procrastination, avoidance, or cynicism. This isn’t a bad card to see, just a reminder that there are moments when the best approach is to walk away, watching out for yourself like a sly fox.

September – Son of Cups

Key Words: Artistic, Introspective

During this time, you will be drawn into self-reflection and examination of your emotions. Beware that there may be deep, dark moods though, as well as a potential for hurt feelings. Be introspective but do not self-indulge and do not become over-sensitive during this time, nor should you ignore logic. Instead, balance yourself between the differing modalities and engage in learning more about your inner world.

October – The Hierophant

Key Words: Mentor, Seeking Knowledge

At this time, you will either find a mentor or become a mentor. It is clear that there is a lot one needs to tell you or a lot that you may feel you need to say. During this time there will be energy from a high pane of knowledge and vitality. This card is filled with powers of structure and order. -And there are only two paths to be taken, one is the path of passionate teachings, the other believing in only one answer and a lack of seeing possibilities. Stay cautious and infuse some open-mindedness during this time, allowing yourself to be mentored.

November – The Empress

Key Words: Creation, Nature, The Mother

Recognize this card as a permission for you to act like The Empress, branch out and ground yourself within the Earth. This is a reminder to center yourself, understand that you deserve to be here, meant to be here and should take up space. Take in nutrients while also supporting and sustaining others. It is time to nurture and to feel nurtured. This month is all about paying attention to your natural self, and enhancing it. Embrace the physicality of the world around you and your own being. Get in touch with the physical reactions you may have and know it is supposed to be there.

December – Eight of Cups

Key Words: Stagnation, Ill Health

It is time to move on. Although this card bring disdain, sadness, or pain for some (especially in the way it looks), know that it is not all broken glass here. Moving on can be easy, but many times it is more difficult, feeling heavy and sorrowful. It is time to seek deeper meaning. Take time to completely resolve yourself to move forward, saying goodbye to what you need to, gathering what you will take forward and leave behind what can’t, shouldn’t or must not go with you. Endings may be hurtful and sad, but it only means that there will soon be a new beginning.

Theme of 2021: The Chariot

Key Words: Strong Will, Triumph

The theme for 2021, being The Chariot, represents “Believing in Yourself”. This year is centered around setting goals, and trusting your ability to overcome any adversity in your way. You will be steady, succeeding in all odds against you. This year, know that you hold the key to your own success, embrace action and determination. But do not engage in an excessive ego, take strides but do not believe there are no hurdles.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tarot interpretation for the year of 2021! Interested in learning more about interpretations? Check out one of my favorites:

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